Gr. 12 MB Final English Exam, 1966

001 (82)002 (33)

Not much different than the one I wrote in 1967.
There was no multiple choice component. It was all written and you had to be a good prose writer.
The exam mark was worth 100% of your school year in English and other subjects.
The questions came from the course readings so you had to be well-familiar with the main works to do well
For drama section, we had studied both plays.
The essay as literature section required you knew well all the essays studied.
29% of the exam was on poetry.
The exam went a rather hectic, exhausting 2 1/2 hrs.
The questions required close reading and critical application to texts.
You definitely had to know exactly what was being asked for in the questions which could be confusing at first glance.
Because of a rather strange twist of fate, I got 60 on this exam, 69 in Math, 79 in Chemistry, 58 in French, and 63 in Physics. A lot of kids at our schools flunked the pilot PSSC Physics, even those in the top class. I was sure I was going to fail the year and have to repeat the exams and course. Instead, with my passes, I entered U of Wpg.’s Arts program, majoring in English.

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