Aldous Huxley,

002 (33)

(a recommended book by his artist-wife about one of the most interesting writers and thinkers who ever lived)


like many great artists, liked to know things and correlate them into patterns. He loved to explore and sought positive ideal forms (such as Mahayana Buddhism) that would have practical application on life in the West. What particularly interested him about the latter were the possibilities of the absolute within the relative, nirvana within the world of illusion, and eternity within the temporal world. What I like, especially, about Huxley was that he believed in a non-specialized, more general training in the art of living, the possibilities of perception, imagination, and consciousness. That is what most of my life, this blog, and my poetry are pretty much above. He has been an inspiration and model for what I try to do through my aesthetic expressions and communications with others.

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