My own variations on a common politically-correct slogan:

Possibilities Matter

Process Matters

Personal Choices Matter

Freedom Matters

Being an Individual Matters

Language Matters

Thinking Matters

Education Matters

Knowing Oneself Matters

Consciousness Matters

Sensibility Matters

Spirit Matters/Soul Matters

Music Matters

Poetry Matters

Love Matters

Friendship Matters

Family Matters

Nature Matters

Classic Art Matters

Civilization Matters


These profoundly affect the quality of one’s personal life. Most of my life has been in pursuit of the above values. These have little to do with making a pile of money, obsession with image and status, angst about what people might think of my unconventional actions, or accepting others’ self-imposed conventional limits and limitations. My focus has long been on inner growth and development. There is much to be made sense of in life, beginning with one’s self and then ‘the rest of it’. And there is a richness of possibilities, experience, purpose, and significance waiting to be discovered regardless of one’s background/context, limits, and limitations.

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