Moral and Social Progress and Responsibility, Federal Liberal Style:

Legalizing marijuana in 2018.

So much for kids, especially those in pot-smoking parents’ homes. Nothing like inhaling and having access to pot left lying around for babies and underage kids. Think of the poor apartment and condo dwelling neighbors (and their kids) having pot drift into their spaces and rooms from next door.  So much for other drivers on the road with this extra incentive to light up (again, to say nothing about kids exposed in the same vehicles). So much for increased highway safety. So much for breathing clean air in public, parks, yards, or confined spaces everywhere. Uh, hold your breath, everybody.

Thanks to Justin, Bob Dylan’s “Everybody must get stoned” will be legally-sanctioned reality. Turning young generations of the future into Tennyson’s Lotus-eaters; throwing kids to the wolves without a moral twinge. Yes, pity the innocents and the millions who don’t need one damn bit of this unnecessarily-unilaterally-willed absurd craziness. Others’ lack of control and self-serving agenda has ‘trumped’ others’ basic freedoms and public safety and health big-time. Yeah, the Selfie King has sold out again. He and the feds are absolutely nuts.

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