The trouble with depending on other people

is that they will let you down 9 times out of 10 when you want to get something done, when you need help, when you’re trying to give them some business, when you have an agreement with them, when they’re supposed to call you, show up, etc. They simply can’t be counted on except in rare, exceptional cases.
That is one reason I try to have as little to do with others for the most part. Myself I can count on! And I have long learned to do for myself as much as possible to avoid disappointment, letdowns, hassles, and the limits and limitations of others. I just don’t need the weaknesses and failings of others.
And that is why I also tip for any good service when people try to do a good job and put themselves out for me. I really appreciate people who are good, nice, and who work hard. Because it just ain’t the norm anymore these daze.

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