Teechrs aftr hrs

Th howls r sighlint now
Zombeez shuffl 2 th mayn offis
wear janitur tecknishuns
cunnect th regulurz
2 tall hummean genuraturz
Kwalifyed pursonel
delicutlee remoov th leftovr braynz
cheking them 4 damidg
& vakuum out th hedz

Fullee sirvisd & smyleen wuns agin
th teechrs trayd all-noing glansez
(Boy if th kidz cud c us now!)
& reterneen buy instink
2 there classroom sells
thay clime on wuden deskz
& lie soopine i’s opin
awayteen dawn &
the furst arriveen skool bus


Published in On Spec, the Canadian magazine of speculative writing and read by me on CJSR with recorded synthesizer background music by Wendy Carlos For those who don’t know, Canadian poet bill bissett anticipated textspeak by a couple of decades at least. And one of the banes of my existence as a teacher was student spelling!

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