Allusive love

(a romantic erotic classic for 18 and up, male and female)

Yes it’s you and me again
walking through a
Brothers Grimm forest
destined one day
for urban renewal.
Snow’s thawed
ground’s dry & spring’s
the mischief in us.

We lie down for yet
another undress rehearsal
of Lady Chatterly in the woods
Winnipeg-style, 1968.
I play Mellors
my gardener gloves
tearing at your
spandex & lace.

You are Milady
seeking release from
a wicked stepmother
who cruises the perimeter
of this afternoon forest
in a black van
on the lookout for us
& any excuse to
disinherit you.

But wait–
there’s something moving
in the thicket.
It’s not big mother though,
just some spring-brown rabbits
watching, gawking
getting free lessons
from two paperback lovers
roughing it in the bush.


Winner of a first place for humor in a provincial poetry contest.

Notes: “spring’s/the mischief in us”–Robert Frost’s “Mending Wall.

Mellors, a character in D.H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterly’s Lover, which changed my life in grade 12

Roughing It in the Bush–title of a book by Canadian writer Susanna Moodie.

My own passion for fun, play, performance, humor, allusion, satire, and word play. ‘Nuff said.

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