The Two Women

“Men, who needs ’em?”–source unknown

The two women on this moonlit beach
Have only eyes for one another,
As I, excluded for my gender
Swim unseen in the foam.

The two women exchange fervid kisses
Twist their limbs in the sighing sands
As my craft drifts unattended
Past the shoreline out of reach.

The two women eye each other closely.
Their green glances intertwine with the white dunes.
Rhythms of waves lap mermaids’ breasts
As another man’s swept out to sea.


Another empathy poem and probably an attempt to write a modern take/passionate female configuration based on Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass. Since the 1960s, our definitions of passion and relationships have opened up considerably, and this is merely one man’s ironic musings on this subject. (Written with some influence by the great Gustav Klimt.)

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