The Latest Lunacies at Screwball Central

1. Trump whacking and unilaterally firing Comey and throwing his motives totally into question re. the Russian influence on his election.

2. The now-dead Dutch fertility clinic director who decided to do his own version of The Boys from Brazil by repopulating his country with dozens or more versions of himself using his own sperm.

3, The bold editor of the Canadian literary magazine who was whacked and fired thanks to humorless, narrow-agenda-ed types for daring to suggest that all writers should empathize with others of all stripes as much as possible, ironically daring to suggest there be an Appropriation prize. So much for all the great literature and free speech of the past (and future).

‘We irrationally do it to ourselves and to others’ over and over again with great predictability, limitedness, and mindlessness. (1984ish egoic) Control remains the main name of the game.

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