‘The Monsters of the Moors’: Obit

Ian Brady has died, the last of the two Monsters of the Moors; Myra Hindley, his accomplice died sometime ago. Brady has had the unmitigated gall to request that his ashes be scattered on the moors where they killed six kids in the early ’60s, but it’s unlikely his officials and his victims’ families will ever allow such a travesty to occur.
A journalist, who kept in touch with Brady, will have a new book coming out this month, which will, no doubt, add more about Brady’s psychology and the murders.
I first came across this horrific story when my wife was taking a course in Criminology at the U of W in ’69-’70 and she read the above 1967 book when it was published in a first Canadian edition. It shook her up and likewise, me. Not for the faint-of-heart, this is in the off-the-map psycho-territory of Bernardo and Homolka, who were Canada’s version of the “Monsters”. Malevolent evil with abuse and violence.

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