Trudeau: Frivolous Cowardly Shyster (cont’d)

Best article ever written about Trudeau was Rex Murphy’s in Saturday’s National Post., “PM Trades Theme Socks for Slippery Manoeuvre”.

Anybody else want 10.5 million tax-free? Natives? The military? The elderly in Canada?

Interesting how he gets as far away from Canada as possible when egregious errors (like the Khadr boondoggle) are made and major conflicts like the fate of pipelines in BC  or the BC wildfires emergency crop up. This guy is all about selfies, tattoos, and socks. Nothing else beyond aggrandized personal image. Has done nothing of consequence or lasting value for Canada and Canadians. A major smiling fraud.

An absentee clown with politically-correct socks while the Canadian West Coast burns down in over 200 fires. (So much for the priority of a political stand against the pipeline by all the Greeners in B.C. Nothing like violent chaos in Nature to obliterate human agendas.)

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