Digital literacy should not be confused with

reading, writing, and understanding words/language. Nor should it be confused with language used as thought and ideas. Nor the ability of people to express themselves clearly and coherently. Nor with seriousness, significance, or purpose necessarily. Digital literacy is merely a ‘flashy’, ‘sexy’, deluded, limited and limiting view of the physical world and history. Digital literacy is a ‘fun’ diminishment like Netflix with its unbelievably slim offferings of all the major and significant films ever made. It is Less not More or Most. It is a visual surface essentially with no consequential depth beyond flashing lights and wowy-zowy visual effects. It has nothing, finally, to offer of great consequence and enlightenment to the development of the arts and Western civilization. It has basically turned new generations into blithering, asinine self-important┬ázombies.

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