Re-Entering Walden/Thoreau in the Summer

is always Exquisite. September is also a good month timing-wise. There is so much available for the soul’s estate in his work and he readily allows a sensitive reader to reconnect with Nature and a more leisurely flow.

(Aside from a copy of the best of his journals–try Odell Shepherd, this Library of America edition has all 4 of Thoreau’s books: A Week on the Concord and Merrimac Rivers, Walden, The Maine Woods, and Cape Cod. If I was to recommend one book for anyone who loves Nature and its poetry/philosophy possibilities, this would easily be it)

(There are a few good videos about Thoreau and Walden, but if you want to see the pond from your armchair along hearing his words, this is a winner– BTW/ /it takes about an hour for the average walker to walk around the pond as I discovered in 1991.)


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