Goin’ Back

(the 15 year anniversary CD recording of my songs in Wayne’s basement, Calgary)

(Poem for Wayne and the way it was 15 years earlier…)

Remembering who or what I was
slowly, in pieces returning,
the way I felt without
ever knowing where
I was really going.
In a dark grove somewhere,
the smell of evergreen
all around and the sound
of voices mixing together
harmonizing like a warm dream.

Never having to think,
only singing the next song
playing the next gig,
enjoying the passing fanship
and increasing respect
of peers and those searching
for something similar
in a world ever-revolving.

I hear that spirit today–
the simplicity of it all
a guitar, some drums
and bass moving through
the chord changes
and lovin’ sounds.
Sounds beyond school,
university and some
much-dreaded 9 to 5
waiting for us all
down the road.

It was all too easy and obvious
back then, those dreams.
Whatever was possible
arose in a basement
in a club, or on a swing
sitting around creating, sharing.
It was its own thing very much.
It was its own magic
and raison d’etre.
Our youth, our music–
together we were, once.

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