Our lives are made up of many processes

reflecting many contexts and different worlds that we choose to live in as individuals.

(the world of friends: picture fromwhen I was main speaker at my elementary school’s 100th anniversary; with my oldest friend Hugh–we met in gr. 1 and lived in the same Wpg. neighborhood)

(the world of Nature: my first, primal, basic connection/world–after my parents initially)

(the world of writing–my first significant piece for my school newspaper The Huskian, about a hootenanny in gr. 12; this, after a year of covering school’s sports teams)

My processes/worlds include:
-ways I spend my personal/daily time and leisure
-my wife
-my kids
-my grandkids
-extended family contacts on my wife’s side only
-my 6 best friends
-my ‘contacts’: massage, haircuts, computer/IT guys, the Stroll of Poets, my son’s in-laws, my tax guy, my gr. 5 teacher; connection with the famous thru signed items and meeting in-person
-matters of the house, garage, and garbage
-connection with Nature: son’s dog, birds, squirrel; matters of the yard and flowers; feeding wildlife and snow shovelling
-car maintenance
-writing: the 2 blogs, my daily writing, Stroll of Poets readings, hostings, workshops
-health: eyes, dental, regular, pill/prescriptions
-walking, cycling, other exercise, Tai Chi
-books, reading: book contacts, book collecting
-watching movies; film collection (also stamp and special coin collections)
-music: listening (jazz and classical mostly), singing and playing (old folk and rock); a Edmonton Record Collectors Show seller, Symphony under the Sky
-going to classic plays, theatre in town
-misc. projects of the moment
-banking: money management, RRSPs, royalties, insurance companies

-and groceries and food/drink (including vino) choices!

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