Edmonton City Council

wants to tear up all the routes and shut down all major and minor routes everywhere in this city at the same time. It is stupid how they have destroyed/shut down the regular flow of all 5 routes going north out of Mill Woods, for example. And they continue to rip up roads as snow falls today! There is no way in hell that the City is going to be able to draw closure on 50% or more of the roads now destroyed or in disrepair before winter finally sets in. The wounds are everywhere and the questions and anger are rising.

They have gutted the downtown core and made it impossible for anyone to park a car downtown. So much for tourist visitors let alone people who drive to work downtown. The city road system has become simply ugly, horrific, dangerous, and totally uninviting. They have just about achieved total gridlock on any streets off the Henday. They have left so many jobs that really need doing undone and surrendered the city to its 1% or less year-round cyclists all year-long. This is a winter city and always will be. (I have seen 1 cyclist in several years using the bike lanes that go by Percy Page. Who are these expensive, totally unnecessary lanes for?)

They’re building the LRT out to places with no free public parking. Who will use the new LRT lines when they’re done? How many businesses have been put out of business by all this construction already? Just ask the High Street store-owners. Waste, waste and madness. Complete and utter. This city council should be voted out for failing its citizens and drivers en masse, and for destroying, in one summer, roads willy-nilly without regard for ensuing traffic fiascos. The unchecked, foisted pipe dreams of the out-of-control mayor and council have become a runaway train to irrational chaos and unnecessary increased stress for Edmontonians every which way they go.

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