Re. The Edmonton Somali Crazy

A ticking time bomb once on the U.S. radar. He had done jail time and the country was going to deport him to his homeland. But Hallelujah! good old, indiscriminating Canada welcomed him with open arms and no questions. The kind of crap going on now with the asylum seekers. Welcome to Canada on the taxpayers’ dime. We welcome everybody, criminals and crazies alike. We will give you money, accommodation, and free health care. You don’t have to reveal anything negative about yourself; we will take you in, no questions asked.

The Edmonton crisis would never have happened if Canada had real, honest, tough processing procedures. No way. So you can blame Justin for any more loose screws that pop from this recent influx of refugees. He’s the guy with open and welcoming arms, who’s never been to the border to even see what’s going on. He’s using the ‘generosity’ window-dressing to show, again, what a great, kind, loving guy he is, screw the real consequences and real dangers.

The punchline on the Somali’s arrest is that he had an ISIL flag in his van, but authorities are reluctant to use common sense and fact to say that he’s a (wanna-be-if nothing else) terrorist. Maybe they don’t want to upset the public, want to distract them, and keep them in the darkness of politically-correct politics which tops any other kind of fact, truth,¬†or physical reality in Canada? Wouldn’t surprise me at all.

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