Vandals Are Just Criminals and Dopes

(arguably the greatest man in Canadian history who helped create, unite, and build this nation–we/the whole country would not be here today without his efforts and accomplishments; should great people be completely trashed when criticized by narrow single-themed political causes 150 years later and totally out of context?) visual excerpted and adapted from Mel Hurtig’s original labor-of-love Canadian Encyclopedia,still the best source of pre-21st century info on Canadian culture, history and the arts)

The sanctimonious loser-dopes who vandalized Sir John A. MacDonald’s statue in Montreal this weekend have zero credibility. They have no sense of Canadian history and who made it possible for this country to exist in the first place so that they could abuse free speech and break the law willy-nilly for selfish political cauaes they want to arbitrarily impose on everyone else.

Sir John A. was the chief founder of this nation and his actions led to the building of the CPR which built and bound this country from sea to sea and kept it from falling into the hands of the violent gun-crazy States. Canada would not be here without him and his contributions. Fact.

His constitutional efforts helped create Canada in the first place and his enforcement of the law in the West with the help of the RCMP brought law and order to that area so that decent settlers and developers could come and turn this wilderness into Canada as we know it today with all its civilized aspects and freedoms–the very ones vandals and political kooks want to burn to the ground.

It takes no brains to use divisive politics of a narrow stripe to take shots at people who were agents of their context, who also made Canada a great place to live–a privilege the lawless vandal dummies have no perspective on and can only do dirt on.

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