“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to Everything.”

Strathcona friend James Mireau in another persona/musical world: a clever, special one-man album.

Jamming with gr. 11 long-time friend Wayne Fraser in his ’80s Calgary recording studio for a disc of my/our song demos.

A classic vinyl image that’s always haunted me.

My metallophone for creating daily sound poems.

A film that fired my interest in Glenn Gould, I have all his CBC videos, his sound documentaries after he retired from doing concerts, and a boxset of all his Bach piano pieces.

The power of the 1967 soaring Judy Collins voice; heard her in concert at UMSU in Winnipeg then. Amazing and unforgettable in her prime.

A Herbie Hancock jazz soundtrack album that changed my life in 1968.

There was only one transcendent soulful Lenny Breau, the greatest jazz guitarist ever, from Winnipeg, my hometown. I later assisted his daughter in the process leading to a Bravo documentary on him.

Beethoven bust in the living room–he was the greatest classical composer, period. His collected works are a basic must for any sincere classical aficionado.

Cream picture disc for Goodbye–which includes their hot, hard live playing.

Classic Ian and Sylvia Tyson singing a cappella songs guaranteed to send shivers up your spine.

No other woman singer has ever sounded this uniquely powerful and moving. Saw her for the 3rd time live on Sunday at Festival Place, front row.

Gord in his prime. Saw him about 4 times over the years. The first sixties Canadian folk singer-songwriter who paved the way for Cockburn, Mitchell, and Cohen.

Gr. 12–1967, me playing the school operetta/play cast party. We are playing The Animals’ “I’m Mad”; Eric Crone on harmonica, rule-breaking long-haired Ed Greene (centre) on vocals.

2017: the new axe: a Beatles-style Rickenbacker electric 12 string recreating The Beatles, Byrds, and others’ sixties songs. I own four guitars: the Rick, a 6 string electric Gibson ES335 TD, a 12 string acoustic Yamaha, and a 6 string acoustic Marr-MacKenzie (Montreal makers) to explore the range of guitar sounds.

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