Spreading Consciousness re. Hypocrisy and Agendas

seems to be much of what this blog has become of late. Alternate perspective and common sense. So much non-Truth going down of late. Lots of p.c. optics and window dressing, and professing of goodness and innocenceĀ in a non-stop maelstrom of advertising and corrupt, self-promotion (Justin, Trump) lies. A lot of the public seem tuned out and not caring about how false much of what’s going on is today.

I always enjoyed Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. Much Truth there is in that classic fairy tale. I think we would all do well to remember to be honest and speak the truth in an age swarming with lies, deception, corruption, and shameless hypocrisy. In that, sanity and safety (public and personal). The courage to point things out that are wrong, corrupt, or downright stupid. Yes, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, like so many other literature classics, is still relevant and necessary to revisit in these crazy, diminished times.

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