Polishing His Act Yesterday?

He’s got it down good by now. His role for re-election:
Cry on cue.
Say you’re sorry.
Give out big money.
Repeat ad nauseam whenever the Liberals are questioned or in trouble.

Is there a pattern here?

Is he a good performer? Has he got his role down by now? When will he stop playing this role or do, doh, things differently? How is it possible that crying automatically occurs in each instance? (Is he this sensitive about the poor, veterans, old people, Canadians who don’t want illegal immigrants and returning hard-wired jihadists in Canada, Peter Kent (called him “a piece of shit”), or the woman MP he roughed up on the floor of the House?) Does he seem to have any trouble saying ‘sorry’ for p.c. issues repeatedly? Why is big money automatically built into every one of these melodramatic replays? (Does Canada have unlimited money to dole out willy-nilly?) In what ways has he been or is he just basically just acting or performing, and become a p.c. role?

No, Justin is very limited, predictable, and plays to p.c. agendas very well. Perspective: but you also have to consider how sensitive he’s been in other situations, as outlined above. How dare anyone question the Deep (examine any of his ‘thoughtful’ answers and dismissive ‘arguments’), Eloquent (“uh, uh”), Beautiful Boy Wonder/Selfie King?

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