The Truth about Trudeau

Edmonton Sun headlines today:
“We Can’t Trust Our Safety to Trudeau
PM Wants to Integrate ISIS Fighters Who Return to Canada”

Do you see the U.S. trying to do this? Why not? Doh.
Since our PM hasn’t helped fund international fighting against ISIS or stood with other nations against these evil¬†guys who want to kill everyone who is non-ISIS, how can he be trusted with Canada’s safety and security? Whose side is he on? How much taxpayer money does he want to spend unsuccessfully trying to rewire these hard-wired assassins? Is he just one of those stupid¬†“bleeding hearts” his father once referred to? How can he support treason against Canada and still be the country’s leader? Doh. “Lock him up” or get someone else in to replace him who has a modicum of common sense and true loyalty to Canadians.

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