From a Year-End E-Mail Answer to a Friend

There are various ‘basics’, but one I come back to more and more the past few years is that life is basically changeful, ironic, and often absurd which makes humor, survival, adaptation, and whatever forms of happiness, even simple contentment and satisfaction, essential. Beauty, curiosity, larger elevating views and passions in whatever forms continue to motivate.

I keep getting blindsided by special, kind, thoughtful offerings and actions of people. There is much unexpected and surprising goodness still ‘out there’ within the ignorance, corruption, control, injustice, unfairness, abuse, violence, needless pain and suffering, evil, and perpetual world turmoil. (Robbie Burns’ man’s inhumanity to man quote accurately reflects how millions continue to mourn and suffer, even if ‘just’ vicariously and too helplessly from a distance, though charity helps and can be a positive contribution against the Dark.)

In the end, though, one’s life is one’s world, realistically and basically, too. No one else can live it for one and one has to make one’s own choices that are right, appropriate, fitting, and fulfilling for oneself. Which takes us to attitude which colors all finally.

Ps/ a postscript about how multitudinous life’s possibilities have always been, are, and can still be. And the possibility of personal and others’ freedoms which remain so very much desirable, worth striving for, and so very basic. Yes, anything remains possible, including all that is true, good, uplifting, and beautiful.

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