(Not) The Last Bond: “Spectre”

Changes and returns:
Daniel Craig is back; the toughest Bond in the series.
Blofeld is back.
A new M–Ralph Fiennes.
A new Moneypenny and Q.
A jaw-dropping opening: the helicopter sequence.
The grand opening musical theme sequence.
A decent quota of violent action otherwise, including a train fight sequence to rival the one From Russia with Love (it doesn’t).
Also the requisite number of car chases, warnings by M, plans to decommission Bond, a maiden in distress several times, scenes with Bond ‘hopelessly’ captured and tortured. (Those scenes are at their uncomfortable max in the series).

Well, otherwise, the visceral Craig has made the role his own (witty, debonair Connery a distant memory). He has now apparently signed on for another movie after holding out on the producers.
It’s ironic, the Bond franchise has survived numerous changes of leads, but continues to draw in and entertain audiences around the world. Box office-wise, it is in the top 5 after a 6 decade run.

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