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I continue to receive royalties every 6 months from 50 textbooks and teacher guides I wrote and edited 37 years ago. I certainly had no idea when I began writing and editing that my work would continue to have a life way beyond my early retirement from teaching in 2002 and from textbook writing and teacher conferencing in 2010.

I chose a unique path into writing beginning in 1977 that the vast majority of teachers did not choose, resulting in authorizations in all of the provinces in three decades and over a million copies sold. Even today you can still go to schools across Canada and find my books used in classrooms and districts. No other Canadian author in high school English textbooks ever had the career and long-term success I did.

And I was very lucky to have supportive publishers who wanted my books and excellent co-authors (Jerry Wowk and Glen Kirkland). I could not have asked for better writing companions, who were equally strong with me on the conference trail, presenting to thousands of teachers in various provinces.

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