The Problem with Others

is that you can’t depend on them. They will hang you up, lie, not come through on promises and commitments. You are far better to do as much as possible for yourself (and for others on those things you do choose). If you must work with others, it is often best to be prepared to do the given job yourself; many’s a time others will leave you stranded, not get down what they said they would, or just leave you on the spot and hang you out to dry in front of others.

The fact of the matter is that there are many lazy and rather stupid people who can’t be trusted. These include people you work with, family, friends, and even loved ones. One should always be prepared for others to fail and not count on others too much. It is just the way of the world and too much of human nature. Anytime I have run into problems for the last 27 years, I can attribute this often to others. They can’t be counted on, will let you down and even betray you.

That is why, as a long-time only child, I learned early on to do things myself except when I have to defer to experts for help with cars, dental work, plumbers, electricians, massage, surgery, and the like. There is a place for experts, even if it (shudder!) costs money! Why mess up things some others can do better?

But generally, it is far more important to become an autonomous individual who doesn’t rely on the help of others to do it for them. We have too many losers, incompetents, Peter Principal types, and weak people like this. No shortage, in fact.

Life becomes simpler and happier if you adopt the above approach as a general way of operating and navigating through your days and life. Being your own person and being strong for yourself works. It really does.

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