The World’s Great Descent into Barbarism

started here in Canada with the election of T2, followed by Brexit in the UK. The Western world seemed to be intent in undoing years of relative permanence and institutions that had previously worked and kept this major part of the world stable.

The election of Trump–the most sleazy, egomaniacal, corrupt U.S. president ever–led to many more unnecessary changes to suit an ignoramus dictator’s whims. He has managed to intimidate and frighten all other countries in the world including his own. He is a jackass running amok deconstructing and destroying all vestiges of normalcy and permanence that have kept the American dream live. Now he has really, singlehandedly killed it, and there will be no road back to sanity, courtesy, non-identity politics, and anything resembling sanity and hope for the future. And that goes well beyond the States to other countries in the world.

Now he has hired a warmonger and the Doomsday Clock is well-nigh at midnight again. It was a long road to the development and reign of what used to be called Civilization, but Trump has crushed that great spiritual movement as surely as Big Brother stamping on the faces of U.S. citizens and anybody else Trump does not like and wants to fire the ass of.

What we are left with at this time is complete chaos and all people living in uncertainty, fear, and anxiety. His name is in the heads and on the lips of everyone as surely as Orwell’s Big Brother. He has had a year of daily destructions and killings to assert his ego and to bludgeon everyone and everything with his visionless, banal, stupid crap. What he did to Karen McDougal and Stormy Daniels, he has likewise boorishly and piggishly done to America and the rest of the world.

And the Republican party will have to assume much responsibility and blame for this mass destruction and chaos. America’s only hope in the future is to return a Democrat majority to staunch the hemorrhaging while anything and anyone is still left standing.

But of civilization, you can forget it in the Age of Distraction (Politics) of both Trudeau and Trump. There is no more moral compass on either side of the border (T2’s cynical, irresponsible selling of Canadian youth to feed government coffers with the legalization of pot) and it has proven very hard so far to hit forever-changing, forever-moving targets who have perfected the olde shell-game like no other political leaders before them. In any case, neither leader gives a flying fig about civilization, common sense, caring, and any form of higher instincts or values.

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