Monet: The Great Impressionist

One viewing of the beautiful labor-of-love 90 minute Exhibition on Screen: I, Claude Monet DVD about his life and art, should convince most people that he was as great as van Gogh and perhaps the best and most significantly prolific Impressionist of all time.

Monet was often poor and suffered from poverty (his first wife died because they were broke) into his 40s when his work started to become known and popular. This sensual documentary is based on his letters and other writings and expertly voiced by Henry Goodman. The visuals from nature and Monet’s paintings are remarkably stunning and overwhelming individually and cumulatively speaking. The viewer gets a comprehensive biography and many views (including multiples) of all of Monet’s major work. The late paintings of the Giverny property, flowers, and water lillies are ravishingly exquisite.

This artful Seventh Art Production was shot on location in London, Paris, Normandy, and Venice and will do much to cement Monet’s position as a lead figure in this Romantic art movement. Highly recommended for art lovers and those wanting to see close-ups of Monet’s work and those interested in finding out how harsh his life was right up to its end. The documentary is evidence that Monet is easily one of the top 5 painters who ever lived.

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