Re. Schools and ‘Education’ Today

No kids have the teacher background (now that millennials have made their ways into the system) or enough adult experience to call shots on designing and teaching their own curriculum to themselves. To let kids very limitedly learn on their own terms is incredibly naïve (recall Summerhill) does not stretch or broaden them, let alone make them aware of any bigger pictures in life, especially those previously founded on history and repositories of the great and proven good.

Kids today have been sold out by parents, schools, districts, and provincial governments to The Machine (we used to refer to in the sixties), devices, device-makers, and the dangerous, non-private, commercial online world. They are denied the olde education based on print literacy and critical thinking (not to be confused with politically correct propaganda).

Kids now have political correctness spoonfed to them up the wazoo and generally have zero tolerance for ambiguity, complexity, difficulty, patience, common sense, truth, physical reality, clear communication, intelligent conversation, serious reading, critical thinking and open-minded expression.

They have been greatly dumbed down and happily indoctrinated in a Brave New World sense. Many know nothing of any consequence and significance and believe the world should cater to them and their immediate needs and comforts with trigger warnings. They face a bleak, soulless future living limitedly in a virtual digital domain that in no way approximates real living or matches the real world with its many challenges. They generally live in diminished domains without nobility, integrity, character, wisdom, and greatness. Their lives largely lack meaning and purpose above the lowest common denominator.

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