(a prose poem for poets)

Brothers and sisters, voices of the Word. We dare to care and practise language magic. Respect and appreciate its subtle ways of senses, mind, heart, and spirit. A natural expression from within of every possibility. Words matter to us more than mammon. More than the limits of half-life, mute and inarticulate. It is thus we accept, open up and let go of all that we each are as wordsmiths and individuals. Our poems are honestly earned and shared with other poems listening. We are each of us entitled, no longer alone in skin-encapsulated egos or distorted noise that limits and distracts to no particular end. It is thus we become who we are in craft and by nature: free and connected. We have much to say regardless of difference or experience. Listen to our sounds and images, music and art. Hear again our deep inner sea of the great human soul.

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