The Great American Read

viewable on PBS and online is the first, long-overdue tv program on books since the well-done Great Books series hosted by Donald Sutherland and PBS’s great Voices and Visions series back in the ’80s.

Well, it’s about time that something like this was issued for young people, young readers, library aficionados, and those looking for more from life and more using reading skills, imagination, and vicarious experience. Something inspiring and uplifting beyond the very deadening and dumbing-down digital world. Something to encourage individual freedom and autonomy via traditional reading skills and thinking.

It includes bios, book summaries, teasers, author info, reviews by authors and others, etc. There is n’er a dull moment as two hours of uninterrupted viewing fills in a lot of background about popular and great books going back to Don Quixote, generally considered the first novel.

Highly recommended. A great resource for teachers, too.

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