Whatever madmen-dictator bromances and photo-op handshakes aside,

having three evil power-hungry egomaniacs running the world is not good for the planet in the short and long runs.

These guys are ruthless, dangerous, evil, and prepared to destroy millions at the drop of a hat. They are the modern immoral equivalents of Napoleon, Stalin, and Hitler. And, ultimately, the three will turn on each other and become greedy for absolute power over the world .

It is hard for North American mortals to change anything except to support impeachment of Trump or to vote him out in the midterms and 2020. That might be the first major relief and counter-resistance that might occur in the West.

There are timeless reasons why Orwell wrote Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four. There are reasons why there was a Cold War and why the Russians cannot be trusted going back to the Berlin Wall and the sneaky military moves that led to the near calamitous Cuban Missile Crisis.

If the American government and populace have any brains, they will protest any efforts of Trump to climb into bed with Putin. That is the obvious protest that needs to be made in the here-and-now.

With Kim Jong Un, the jury should remain out. No doubt he has harbored dreams of controlling the Asian world and becoming one of the three nutso kingpin-world leaders. At this point, minimally, his status has been confirmed as being at least ‘equal’ to Trump with a simple handshake.

Anyway, does the world need two or three guys running the whole show? Does the world need to be beaten into submission and made over by these greedy powermongers? And, is whole shebang, all about accumulating wealth on the backs of 99.99999% of the rest of the world?

Meanwhile, back at Screwball Central, people have fallen in love and become obsessed with their phones; they cannot and do not see anyone or anything else as important.
And the general runaway technological game plan is to do away with people to make more bucks making life more depersonalized, inhumane, and downright dangerous. I do not want to be on the roads when the driverless vehicles arrive here en masse.

Yes, the world seems to be in the wrong people’s hands and there is a profund, pronounced chill in the air of a different kind of Ice Age as the planet continues to play dodgeball with Nature’s revenge and random large objects from space tumbling about.

This stuff cataclysmically goes way beyond “skin of our teeth” and becomes ever-dwindling and declining “borrowed time” as the olde doomsday clock ticks on…

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