Father’s Day Getaway

(waking up in Radium at Bighorn Meadows resort)

(the placid balcony view, golf course on right)

(the mountains nearby)

(the pure mountain air and blue serene)

(the eagle over the balcony–see closeup of his eyes)

(the eagle my daughter bought me at the resort meets a raven)

(a noisy Richardson ground squirrel at the main intersection in town)


(a young Bighorn high up over red rock entrance to Radium)

(the ubiquitous Bighorns sunning beside our unit)

(deer crossing near resort


(an evening dip at the non-sulphurous hot springs)

(closeup of the best cake in the world–from Jeanne’s Bakery, Winnipeg–via Calgary; the chocolate curls and shortbread base are to die for)

(celebrating a perfect Father’s Day in the evening)

Best Father’s Day ever.

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