Freewill Shakespeare: “The Comedy of Errors”

Works as a ‘show’ which is what most live theatre has become. Freewill is in their 30th season and still includes a number of original stalwarts: O’Donnell and Copithorne.
I went to the productions in the early years, but haven’t been for a decade or so. The miking/sound is much better from the early days. The costumes are way more colorful and the casting choices are politically correct+++. Don’t expect male characters to play male parts and vice-versa.

This non-traditional production features many old popular songs like “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” and there is synth background music throughout. Expect many pop culture references including Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

The company has grown to about 50 people, the production values are better, there are two shows running concurrently (compared to the first years of just one; one is a comedy, the other a tragedy–Hamlet plays on even date nights; the comedy on odd nights) and the productions draw sizable crowds and dedicated fans. For outdoor summer theatre, you still can’t beat the Freewill’s all-out efforts and enthusiasms.

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