Both Sides, Now

No, the war never ends
only morphs to
online siege,
lies and treason
as cheese-faced
and hair-chopped guys,
bed down with
a smiley fox for
and photo-ops.

For no one in particular,
certainly not for
working stiffs,
abandoned kids,
or the common-sensers
in search of mere truth
and a broken dream.

Up here in these parts,
the head dope
licks his chops at the
bread he’ll make
selling out generations
of kids plus schools,
cities, and clean air,
carbon tax aside.

Yeah, baby, the pipeline flows
rank like phoenix* waste
as illegals crowd border forests
in search of sanctuary,
free money and
The Canadian Whim.

(*federal government’s ineffective, expensive payroll plan costing billions)

(by blog author)

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