Lest We Forget

“It all depends on what you mean by the word “is”.
–Bill Clinton (Monica Lewinsky scandal and follow-up impeachment proceedings)

Right up there with Giuliani’s “Truth isn’t truth”.

These are barefaced, corrupt liars who play with objective truth and reality for their own self-serving corrupt purposes. Again, right up there with the torture scene in Orwell’s 1984. They try to bend the truth to be whatever they subjectively agenda-edly want. They also cynically believe, like all the spinmeisters, that perception is reality, and that public opinion can be molded, duped, and manipulated, affecting their political survival.

The difference between now and Nixon’s or Clinton’s time is that more American people seem to be more stupid and selfish themselves as they goose-step the Trump drummer’s beat of over 4,000 lies and falsehoods recorded by the Washington Post. Ignorance really is bliss, or as Orwell put it in Big Brother’s time, Ignorance is strength.

And the Republicans have sold out totally to Trump and thrown in their fortunes with him. They are thoroughly corrupt and, despite all the evidence of Trump’s collusion, conspiracy, treason, and blatant crimes, they support him and will likely mutely back a Manafort pardon. They are totally complicit and co-conspirators in all of the above. They are rotten through and through and deserve to be uniformly voted out this year on their keesters to start the long road back to normalcy and decency.

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