Question of the Day:

What is a 15-year-old boy doing walking around with a knife at 3:40 in the morning, stabbing a bus driver 13 times and trying to make off with his bus?

Why isn’t he sleeping at home? Why isn’t he using the night to prepare himself for school the next day? What is he doing walking around with a knife at a transit centre? Why is he stabbing a hard-working older man who’s minding his own business?

Kid’s a nasty. dangerous criminal already and belongs in jail. He is a serious threat to innocent citizens. No mercy needed here.

This on the heels of the random LRT stabbing last week. Stupid Iveson keeps pussy-footing around the real dangers of his transit system. That weak response is ignorant and totally irresponsible. Being a bus driver is a very dangerous job in the city. Edmonton continues to be a dangerous city for ordinary mortals. Taking public transit is no longer safe. Facts.

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