Quotes by RD

Life is one long near-death experience.

You haven’t, always, experienced everything.

Poetry remains the most conscious, concise, aesthetic use of language.

The quiet desperation of the multitudes is physical, mental, and soul-related.

Objects often have minds of their own and bounce away or out of where we intended to put them. Matter over mind, pure and simple.

Three every day basics are sleep, three healthy meals, and movement of different kinds.

If you must work, make sure you have freedom and control, and feel like you’re making an important contribution to others and society.

Nobody likes others telling them what to do or limiting their freedom of choices.

To thine Inner Child and sensibility be true.

Sensibility is where the deeper feelings, thoughts, and soul experiences reside.

No one can/should ever make your daily or important decisions for you.

Childhood is best experienced on its own natural terms without unnecessary intrusions and impositions by the grown-up and cynical worlds.

Imagination is the saving grace of inner sanctum in all creative persons.

Creation and love remain the best games in town.

A full life requires mastery of language, self-expression, and effective communication.

A good sleep and breakfast are the two most important factors for a successful day.

Every day requires the presence of permanence to withstand the daily changes and adaptations usually in response to others’ stupidity, laziness, and egotism.

A good day is when you accomplish something positive, discover new interesting information, have insights, and move forward in one ‘world’ or more.

Psychologically speaking, it is most important to be and accept yourself as you essentially, really are.

You can no longer rely on public education for yourself or your kids and must assume personal responsibility for it and whatever life-long learning.

Love is essentially doing for or sacrificing for someone else and putting that person on a par or ahead of yourself and your own life.

Friendship is unquestioning loyalty and support regardless of circumstance.

Knowing and accepting yourself is one of life’s main obligations.

Regularly, you must be nice to yourself since there are no guarantees that anyone else will. You must ‘put back in’ for yourself and learn something new each day. Otherwise, you’ll be depleted and run-down.

A life without music, poetry, books, or art is terribly limited.

The truly great movies or artistic movies cannot be found on Netflix. They are also more likely to be found before 2000 AD. Today’s movies are too coarse, loud, violent, stupid, predictable, limited, phoney, and dumbed-down.

Nature is the greater context in which we live our lives. Experiencing it is necessary for perspective and personal fulfillment.

Everyone and everything is limited in some way. That said, there are myriad possibilities and one can choose to transcend whatever limiting context.

Most people settle for less or the conventional and use others while ignoring the finer, deeper, higher stuff and soul matters.

Materialism and chasing money blind most Western people from deeper consciousness and self-actualized autonomous living.

The secret of happy old age is not being bored or being a burden to anyone else.

We are only here so long so we’d better experience fully each passing, non-refundable moment of life.

Governments are exercises in holding onto power and creating agenda-ed perceptions in the voting public.

Everyone has a right to experience sensation.

There are many times when God and imagination are one.

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