Western education has failed

and folded, first and foremost, like a cheap lawn chair in its surrender to technology and The Machine. These latter two are, along with tyrannical widespread political correctness, the main limited/limiting agendas that now make up and direct most of what passes for public and university ‘education’.

Education and educators have abandoned a long-time loyalty to democracy and broader-based learning. Books, reading, and critical thinking have all been seriously deposed, resulting in increased shallowness of students. They have less depth, less perspective, less common sense, reduced limited thinking process, and subject matter (of consequence) background. More and more, they know little and less.

‘Growing minds’ now simply means learning about technology and increasing surrender to The Machine. The result is, simply and obviously, a deliberate straitjacketing of human possibilities and development of individual consciousness and personal  freedom. That amidst the non-stop onslaughts on nurturing any significant personal meaning and purpose.

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