Edmonton -29, Windchill -39

The first order of business is to stay home and not go out on the roads anywhere.
The second is to perform a good deed. I fed the birds and squirrels as I do each day. Survival is not just a personal matter. This deed connects me daily with The Wild and Nature. They hugely appreciate such on frosty mornings like this. In general, I seldom feel disconnected from Nature and we are on general good terms without any guilt on my part. We each do what we can.

On much warmer days:


True, it gets soiled
now and then
and after fall
with snow.

Eventually ice,
then waiting for
beak-pecked memory.

Spring’s first robin–
full, the mirror bath
catches eyes alike,
revives new stock.

So someone
refills it–it is,
after all, expected.

I take the jug
and pour libations
to my aery brethren.

Honoured by their
short feathery stays,
voyeur to their dips.

Yes, I could do
but it’s not mine
to choose.

(“To keep a lamp burning we
have to keep putting oil in it.”
-Mother Teresa)

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