Mon. Feb 25 Evening at the Upper Crust Cafe

(at their peak, Edmonton’s most famous poetic trio with ‘Margaret Moodie’–Lynn Joberg)

What a night! Surrounded by many of my poet-friends, launching the new book and performing “Until Next Year”–a combination of a cassette 1983 demo with Wayne Fraser and Murray Smith and me reading live over that background. Knocked the socks off everyone who’d never heard the like before. ‘Twas great fun!

Next Monday I will be back with a similar music-live voice-over performance as in the ’90s days of olde with Dino and Glen at CafĂ© Le Gare. A revival of the Spiritus glory readings. Last evening even Pierrette was saying how funny the Margaret Moody readings were (take-offs on Atwood’s poetry). Yes, those days when anything was possible for the Spiritus performing trio.

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