Sooner or later

the many ghosts of the past will catch up to you and re-enter the consciousness via dream. These ghosts will cause you to rethink moments, episodes, and people from the past. They will also get you to wonder if things could have gone better or, unluckily, gone much worse. They may even get you to realize things about yourself of a true, not-so-flattering nature. What you, personally, might have done wrong. What you might have done better. What you might have chosen instead under the same or different circumstances.

But these situations are usually long dead and gone in physical reality and cannot be amended in any realistic way. Instead, they exist and will continue to exist only in your own uneasy consciousness, to be dredged up, unbidden, hauntingly, periodically. Thus, the ghosts of the past remain, for the most part, in our consciousness when, in fact, they are long dead and gone in external reality.

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