Monthly Massage Therapy

I remain a serious long-term convert (21 years), especially now that I’ve been with my best-ever therapist for these past 5 years. Can’t say enough good things about issues being addressed, about balanced body blood flow, about keeping muscles and joints loose, about maintaining mobility, about relaxing the head, and about reducing any stress that shows up in various body parts such as feet, hands, neck, back, and legs. I will add that mental performance and focus seem better and improved, too, after this helpful monthly maintenance. Also more endorphins and a lighter mood overall. A definite feeling of peace and calm as well, especially as I age. Massage therapy has been a no-brainer for me these past 2 decades. If you’ve never tried it or never tried it on a regular basis, you could be missing out on possible relief from pain and stress. *But it works best if you’re not uptight about being touched, if you trust/accept your therapist, and if you can accept some discomfort from someone trying to help you.

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