Donald Trump Is Just Willie Stark

(Broderick Crawford doing his best Trump imitation: “There was no obstruction, yall hear?)

If ever there was a political movie that anticipated Trump it was 1949’s All the King’s Men about an idealistic Southern hick-sodbuster who rises to political power and becomes totally corrupt and above the law a la Trump (even dodging impeachment). The movie was 1949’s Best Picture while Broderick Crawford (Willie) won Best Actor, and Mercedes McCambridge won Best Supporting Actress for her quirky role as his secretary. There are scary, eerie parallels to T’s political career so far and this is a must-see movie for all Americans right now.

Robert Penn Warren who won the Pulitzer for this book shows what happens when the original American Dream becomes the debased and cynical, corrupt American Dream. Robert Rossen, the director, skilfully realizes the novel and only an unexpected climax stops the Trumpian Willie from escaping his just deserts. (But, tragically, no one else escapes unscathed.) Fast-moving and quite relevant 70 years later. Highly recommended. Two thumbs way up. Stands alongside Citizen Kane and Great Gatsby as corrupt ‘great men’ works.

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