Some Notes on Dreams

There is, of course, our dreams and plans–those imaginings in broad daylight of what might be or become. But then there are those larger nocturnal visions, narratives, and mental movies that pop up every so often.

These come from our vast past storage of memories–sometimes entire ‘novels’, ‘plays’, and ‘films’ stored in deep hidden silos of our past experiences. There is also what we have seen through images, ads, movies, and travel–those experiences which made a strong visual impact of our archiving brains, memories, and imaginations.

These night-time dreams come from what we have experienced or learned during the past day/s or from decades before. Limitless time travel via our freed consciousness. These dreams can be, flow, and emerge as large as novels, plays, or movies.

One does not even have to have actually travelled to other world places in order to experience Egypt, the jungle, the frozen North, or the high seas in one’s dreams. Reading fiction, non-fiction, and travel books or watching documentaries and tv shows about far-away and famous places can transfer those images to one’s unsuspecting brain.

But whatever you dream personally is mostly unique and subjective. There is only one ‘you’ after all so your dreams, daydreams, and night-dreams will, inevitably, be hard to communicate to others.

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