“Where have you spent much of your adult life?”

“On a plane of higher regard.”

“Where’s that?”

“The best of civilized culture and consciousness with a huge infusion of the Arts.”

“Are you a better person from all of that?”


“When one experiences the best that has been thought, written, and created, one’s life changes forever. One can never really go back to living small, unremarkably, and limitedly.”

“Does that mean you see yourself as better than others?

“No, I have a huge empathy with Real People and working class folks. The former are far from being phony and hoity-toity. Likewise, the latter, who are the stock my parents came from and people I’ve known and touched base with all my life. I am grateful for the common sense and kindness of those who appreciate and know what it’s like to work hard and for family. People with perspective and a sense of humor as well.”

“What did you learn from your education, higher and otherwise?”

“Life is very complex, difficult, ironic, and yet quite beautiful and rich. The faculties people potentially have such as developed imagination, talent, and intellect can be major forces in changing people’s attitudes and those around them. I see this every day in many situations. One can never underestimate the influence of good self-actualized, educated people who affect others by the simple facts of their deeds, efforts, and consciousness. Good teachers and good people in the health care or charitable works systems are the best examples of this attitude.”

“And consciousness?”

“What the 1960s and ’70s were largely about for me. Positive humanizing change that was in the air. Very grounding and personally informative. “Feeding your head” as Jefferson Airplane said, quoting Lewis Carroll. You have an obligation/responsibility to yourself and others to become as aware and benevolent as you can. In that, the fulfillment of life purpose and the height of what is called today “Wellness.” You have an obligation to make yourself as conscious as possible and as well and fulfilled as possible. Your life is your own, first and foremost, and you need to actualize it as much as you can while assisting and connecting to others. There is a profound inner peace that arises from this approach to life.”

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