In grades 3-9, I was heavily into sports

and played goal on the grade 6 soccer team, was the captain on the grade 6 baseball team (handpicked by my principal-friend). I played on the grade 7 football team and played on volleyball teams in grades 8-9. In grade 10, I was the sports reporter for the high school newspaper and travelled with the school teams to the Grand Forks, ND.

Spectator-wise, I went to a lot of Winnipeg Warriors games (WHL–minor pro) at the old Winnipeg Arena and the Winnipeg Goldeyes (Northern League farm team of the Cardinals), peaking around 1960. I’ve looked for the above rare 1960 (59 years ago) ┬ápennants on the Internet and find no postings.

On tv, I cheered for the Bud Grant/Kenny Ploen Grey Cup-winning Blue Bombers, the Toe Blake/Richards’ (I identified with the latters’ surnames) Montreal Canadiens, and the New York Yankees (even latch-key-kid skipping gr. 2-3 September afternoons to watch them in the World Series).

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