Most Amazing Weather Ever Personally Experienced



Ironically, we were in the Okanagan when the tornado hit Edmonton. My own worst experience goes back to March 4, 1966 (gr. 11) in Winnipeg, the day of the Big Blizzard when the city shut down for a few days.

It started snowing one afternoon and wouldn’t quit. Winds were up and snow plows could not keep up. Buses were stranded in drifts in addition to cars. Many workers were stranded at their workplaces; they couldn’t get home and many stayed overnight in their workplaces. Even Eaton’s and the Bay put up workers in their beds departments. Portage Avenue and Main Street were closed down as did all streets, basically.

I went out the next day to my girlfriend’s and she lived in one of the low-roofed houses of Silver Heights. Teens were tobaggoning off the rooftops! My friend Dave remembers seeing a tank going down his Strathmillan street. There were many other crazy stories like this. Best of all, we had 3 days off from school.

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