Among the Top 4 James Bonds Easily

is Skyfall (2012) artfully directed by Sam Mendes. (There is not one bad choice or weak, unnecessary transition between sequences.) Daniel Craig makes a superb Bond on all counts again. Javier Bardem makes a nasty, kinky, sadistic villain. Judi Dench has a lot to work with as a feisty M in her final role in the series. And Albert Finney shows up in one of his last performances as a likable, tough gamekeeper on the old Bond estate in Scotland for the unforgettable shootout. The music by Thomas Newman is strong throughout and worth a listen on its own. The five countries locations, production design, and Roger Deakins’ photography are all outstanding.

The other Craig to see is, of course, Casino Royale. Both Craigs are up there with the first four Bonds done by Sean Connery, of which Goldfinger and From Russia with Love remain his best.

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