Goodbye, Johnny. Thank You for Your Great Music.

The late great, unforgettable Johnny Clegg who passed yesterday at age 66 after a 4-year-battle against pancreatic cancer.

I discovered his music back in 1990 when a gr. 12 Academic Challenge Strathcona student used one of his songs for an assignment and included his fantastic Cool, Crazy, Beautiful World CD. My daughter and I subsequently saw him in Banff and became confirmed fans forever. He was very powerful in performance with his wild, whirling Zulu dancing.

We saw him again a couple more time; once in 2011 at the Winspear, where this signed photo originates from. Clegg was a South African musical legend and the highlight of his life was when Nelson Mandela joined him on stage during a memorable performance of “Asimbonaga”, Clegg’s song dedicated to Mandela.

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